Zany Gifts and Offbeat Bits & Bobs

Welcome to A Couple Of Mugs! We’re all about making awesome and fun stuff.

We got bored of boring, the run of the mill. Such hum drum things for sale and we were fed up of everything always being so ordinary. So, we decided to design everything ourselves.

We design things mainly to make you smile. Sometimes hopefully you’ll laugh out loud and we’ll always strive to be a little different from the crowd. We’re doodle masters and idea-smiths making zany mugs and offbeat gifts for you, your home, your office, your friends and family.

We want to create super cool stuff that's also durable and lasts a long time. We don’t buy into the notion of everything being so disposable. Collectively we trash tons of singe serving items that end up going straight into landfill.

Follow the care instructions provided and your new mug will become an old favourite.

In the UK alone, more than Seven Million disposable cups are used every day that's 2.5 Billion every year and almost all of them end up in landfill. It's because they're coated with a plastic film on the inside which makes them exceptionally difficult to recycle. It means even the cups that are put in the recycling bin likely won't end up be recycled.

We use recycled and biodegradable packaging materials to ship orders and we hope you'll recycle the packaging provided responsibly.

Thank you for stopping by!

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